• Some say one of the best ways to learn any culture is learning through food, so we have come up with ‘Thai Food Tasting’ activities on every Tuesday, which allows guests to have a bite of interesting and rare Thai food, dessert or snacks which are changed randomly every week. Keep calm and keep your mind open!
  • Lazy to go out? We’ve got tons of latest blockbuster movies for you guys to enjoy on our ‘Movie Night’ every Thursday.



You’ll never get bored. There are loads of activities for you to join randomly. It is a good opportunity to understand local cultures, visit spectacular places, get to know other guests and make new friends.

  • Want a local guide? Our staffs will take you sightseeing around the town. Trying street food in China Town, Biking in Bang Kra Jao (known as Bangkok Jungle), exploring street arts around town, climbing up the Golden Mountain Temple, shopping at JJ Green Night Market, pub crawling along Khao San Road…you name it!
  • Don’t worry about those calories you’ve gained from drinking too much local beer, Aerobic Dance in Lumpini Park will help burn them all. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see Komodo Dragons waddle out of the pond. We should warn you…don’t mess with them!
  • We are proud to present our unique and fun ‘Thai cooking class’. Our professional cook whom we call ‘auntie’ or ‘uncle’ will demonstrate how to cook well-known Thai dishes such as Pad Thai, Som Tum etc. And guess what? You get to cook your own dishes.
  • No more troubles when trying to communicate with the locals. We will teach you some useful Thai words and manners in ‘Thai Class’.
  • For girly girls who like to dress up, we’ve got colorful Thai traditional outfits for you to try on and take some…or loads of selfies.
  • ‘Drinking Roulette’…the name says it all. The challenging part is all the boozes are locals.
  • Too tired to eat out? Let’s chillax and enjoy DIY Thai BBQ in front of the house. It’s do go well with the local beers.


Drinking Game

Thai BBQ

Thai class

Thai cooking class


There are also fun activities on special occasions or festivals such as Christmas Party, Songkarn (the famous Water Festival), Loy Krathong (Lantern Floating Festival) which are arranged in order to help you build up festive spirits, have great memories and also let you blend in as part of the local community.