Maeklong Railway Market

          Markets are one of the places to visit in Thailand and in many Southeast Asian countries.Especially, local markets in Thailand which are concerned to be a part of Thailand’s charming ones. Try to imagine fresh market which sets along sides of the railway.There is a lot of people walk through and buy goods such as fresh seafood, vegetable and various colorful fruits. When a train is coming, those vendors will close their awnings to make rooms for the train passing. Here we are at one of the most famous places to visit in Thailand : folding umbrella market: Talad Rom Hub or Maeklong Railway Market.

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places to visit in Thailand


           When you traveling in Thailand, there are a lot of  places to visit in Thailand, one of the things to do in Thailand is getting yourself more experience in the charm of local markets. Especially, the floating market should be one of the top choices in the travel itinerary. Let us introduce you one of most well-known places to visit in Thailand : Damnoen Saduak floating market in Rajburi Province.

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