Everyday Bangkok Hostel

          After one day trip in Bangkok, what do you think about what to do next? Hot shower? Grab tasty food? Roll in the clean bed? Yeah! That’s right, isn’t it? Let us welcome you to our hostel. We have all above you that are looking for and even more with our place. Let’s explore what a daily life in our Everyday Bangkok Hostel is.

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Chao Phraya River

          Bangkok is well-known for its traffic issue. If you’d like to visit Bangkok attractions around this capital city during the day, you have to think about the destination, route and how you would like to be there. The skytrain and subway are other good choices but mostly on pass by the main business area, not the old town. Today, we are pleased to represent you to “Chao Phraya Express Boats”; one of Bangkok public transportations.

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Siam Paragon

          Bangkok is one of the most traffic cities but it is more easier to travel around with its other public transportation. Today we’ll explore Bangkok with the Bangkok skytrain together. 

          Take a short time travel to go through this You can check out where you guys can hang out and travel along the Bangkok skytrain line from this following list.

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