Bangkok night maarket

          For those tourists who enjoy travel in Thailand , one of the things to do in Bangkok you will not miss to do is walking into the local markets, having Thai street food and going shopping great cheap stuff. Some of the Bangkok markets open and close in different times, since early morning until late in the evening. Today, our Everyday Bangkok Hostel introduce you to one of the famous Bangkok night market. This market is well-known among locals as “Talad Rotfai Ratchada” or Ratchada Train Market.

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Lumpini park

          Even Though Bangkok is already known as one of the most traffic cities, it is still possible to find the place for relaxing yourself under the tree shade. If you are also a sport lover backpacker, finding the modest hostel with fitness room is not that easy.  But Let us be that very first choice in your Bangkok guesthouse for Bangkok travel list. Our hostel is in the same area with famous Bangkok attraction, Lumpini park or Thai locals called it “Suan Lum”.

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